What Are the Symptoms of Needing a Root Canal?

What Are the Symptoms of Needing a Root Canal?

July 1, 2023

Trying to decipher whether you need a root canal or not might be a challenging feat, especially during the early stages. More so, you will have a harder time finding the best solution if you need better oral care or you need to visit our dentist for root canal therapy in Waterford, MI.

Unfortunately, you might not see the physical symptoms on time, and that’s why we recommend visiting the dentist repeatedly since these are things our dentist can pick out. If a cavity is not resolved in time, it escalates, and your tooth will become infected, which means there is no other solution but to seek endodontics near you.

Root Canal Therapy, In a Nutshell

Horror stories mar root canals, so most people dread the procedure before visiting a dentist. However, techniques and dental technology have improved to ensure a root canal is performed without pain and complications.

Expect the following when you are at our dentist’s office near you:

  • The decayed tissue and bacteria will be removed from the pulp chamber
  • The area will be flooded with water and antibiotics to clean and disinfect the chamber
  • The empty root chamber will be filled
  • The area will be sealed using a filling, or the tooth will be capped with a crown to prevent reinfection.

So, How Do You Know You Need a Root Canal?

Tooth Sensitivity

One of the glaring signs that something is wrong with your tooth is pain. You can experience sharp pain when you indulge in chilled or hot foods and drinks. At the onset, the pain will manifest itself as a dull ache. If you leave it untreated, the pain intensifies and becomes sharper.

You know you need a root canal whenever you feel pain, even when you haven’t ingested cold or hot foods and beverages. You should still consult our dentist since tooth sensitivity can also indicate gum disease. In any case, getting ahead of any of these issues can be the best way to go.

Persistent Pain

Pain is usually a clear indicator that something is not working as it should. Also, it is a sign that you might need a root canal. Pain emanates from the nerves, meaning that the nerves are exposed. If you notice the pain is persisting and is disrupting your daily activities, then it is time that you come in for a dental checkup.

Our dentist will perform a test to ascertain whether your blood vessels or nerves are inflamed. Antibiotics will not really get the job done; only a root canal can remove the infected tissue.

Swollen Gums

Usually, swollen gums are associated with gingivitis. But, at times, swollen gums might indicate an issue at the tooth’s root. Since it might not be clear if the swelling is because of gingivitis or an infection, it is best if you get your tooth checked.

Our dentist will know why your gums are inflamed and recommend the proper solution.

Discoloration of the Teeth

Have you noticed a tooth that is darkening? You might ignore it and think the tooth is stained because of food that discolors teeth or poor oral hygiene. But if a tooth darkens, then there is a high probability that there could be nerve damage.

A dental exam will be the best way to check if a nerve or blood vessel is damaged. If the nerves and blood vessels are damaged, you might need root canal therapy in Waterford, MI.

Deep Decay

Tooth decay never happens overnight. This gradual process can be prevented if you practice oral hygiene daily. But if cavities begin showing up, you must take it seriously since it spreads to the roots and nerves. A root canal is the only way out if the decay reaches the nerves.

You will only catch cavities at their onset by regularly visiting our dentist’s office near you.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

A chipped or cracked tooth might almost always need a root canal. This is because cracks might expose the nerves, which means that food debris and bacteria will have access to your nerves, leading to an infection.

Loose Teeth

Immediately your tooth is infected, and it becomes wiggly. This happens because the infection can reach the bone that anchors the teeth, loosening your tooth.
If you peel your eyes for the above indicators, you can tell if you need root canal therapy. Contact us today at The Waterford Dentist to schedule a dental appointment.

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