The mighty Mini Dental Implants

The mighty Mini Dental Implants

May 26, 2021

Dental implants have changed the lives of millions of people throughout the United States, and implants have worked wonder for our patients in and around Waterford, MI.

If you are missing teeth or need teeth replaced, then dental implants are a great way to restore your ability to eat the foods that you love. They can increase your confidence, too, by improving the appearance of your smile.

Unfortunately, dental implants won’t work for every patient. Thankfully, mini implants can provide many of the same benefits.

At The Waterford Dentist in Waterford, MI, we want our patients to enjoy the best quality of life that they can. Dental implants and mini implants help make that possible.

What implants do

When you have a weak tooth, a decayed tooth, or a missing tooth, it changes your life.

Your smile looks different when your teeth turn yellow or black or have dark brown spots on them. The same thing is true if you have nothing where people would expect a tooth to be. In either case, people will notice the thing that is different in your smile, and that can affect your self-esteem.

You may find that it has made you embarrassed whenever someone asks you to pose for a picture. You may even avoid going to lunch with people for fear that they will become distracted by your black tooth or your tooth that is missing.

Whether you need a tooth removed or you need to replace a missing one, a dental implant is an excellent replacement.

Specifically, your dental implant serves as a substitute for the root of a tooth. Where the root once anchored your tooth inside your jaw, a dental implant can support a dental crown, bridge, or a full arch of dentures, depending on how many teeth you need to replace.

Because of the stability that comes from having a dental implant, you also will regain your bite force. This allows you to chomp into corn on the cob, apples, nuts, and countless other foods without any worries.

The importance of bone density

Before we can place a dental implant in your mouth, we need to make sure you have adequate bone density to support the implant.

Bone loss can be either the cause of tooth loss or the result of losing teeth. Patients with osteoporosis are more likely to have teeth that come loose or fall out. Patients who lose teeth are more likely to lose bone density as well.

The roots of your natural teeth stimulate new growth inside your jawbone. This keeps the bone healthy and strong, and that helps hold your teeth in place. If your tooth falls out, then that section of your jawbone is no longer being stimulated to spur new growth.

If you have lost too much bone mass, we may not be able to place a dental implant without performing a bone graft. This is done by removing bone in one part of your mouth and placing it in another area.

For some patients, mini implants may be a simpler solution.

Dental implants are titanium cylinders that we place directly into your jaw. Mini implants are are about half the diameter of a traditional dental implant.

Just as important, mini implants can provide benefits similar to full-sized implants. Mini implants can be fitted with dental crowns, bridges, and dentures, and they will restore much of your bite force and chewing ability.

Our use of mini implants can also save you time. Rather than sitting through a bone graft and waiting for graft to heal before we can place your implant, we can move forward faster by placing mini implants instead.

Making the right decision for you

If you are missing teeth or need teeth replaced, we welcome you to visit our dentist office in Waterford, MI, for an examination and consultation. We use state-of-the-art technology to determine whether your mouth can support a full dental implant, whether you may need a bone graft procedure, or whether you may be better served with mini implants.We will recommend the option that will give you the best possible result.

Think about how a stable, secure tooth replacement could change your life by this time next year. As you are getting ready for the holidays, you can look forward to smiling in family photos, and you know you will be able to eat everything at next year’s holiday feasts.

Contact The Waterford Dentist to learn more about mini implants or any of our restorative dental services. You can reach us by calling (248) 674-0495.

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