The end of the year is nigh

The end of the year is nigh

May 30, 2021

We’re already halfway through November can you believe it? The holiday season is rapidly approaching and with it comes the end of the year! If you’re in the group of people who will be losing unused dental insurance benefits now is the time to consider getting the treatments you’ve been thinking about!

We encourage you to not wait for that needed appointment at The Waterford Dentist this is the time of year where everyone wants to get in for those last minute dental care needs! Our appointment slots fill up fast and with limited hours for the holidays we always seem to book up really fast!

What Can We Do For You?

As the end of the year approaches so do the holidays. That means you’ll be seeing a lot of friends and family members that you haven’t seen in months or perhaps all year! If you want to really give them a great hello you should consider some of our quick cosmetic treatments that can be done in just a visit or two!

Veneers are a great way to give your smile a boost in a short time! Veneers can close gaps, reshape teeth, cover tough stains and discoloration, and leave you looking great! Made of wafer-thin porcelain our veneers can be placed in just two appointments! But if you’re interested you had better act now it can take a couple weeks to get them back from the lab and the holidays are closing in fast!

Our ZOOM teeth whitening system can get results you’d never find with over-the-counter kits! Our in-office ZOOM whitening is done in just three 15-minute bursts! We apply whitening gel and use a special UV light to get it activated faster and more powerfully. After three cycles you’ll have teeth that are noticeably whiter than when you came in! If you’d prefer to whiten at home we can also give you our ZOOM at home kit! This kit uses a custom-made whitening tray to lock the gel in and lock saliva out! The results are truly amazing!

Keep Your Teeth Healthy For The Holidays!

If there’s one thing that’s a constant at holidays it’s sweets! All that sweet food will be coming your way in just a few short weeks and that also means your chances for tooth decay are going to skyrocket as well!

Tooth decay is caused by the bacteria in your mouth that loves to eat sugar. When it does it produces acids that can strip your enamel away surprisingly fast, leaving you with a slowly growing cavity that can ultimately ruin a tooth!

If you haven’t been to The Waterford Dentist for your six month checkup yet now is the time! We can get you in for a cleaning, exam, and any preventive dental care services you need to protect you for the holidays!

  • Exams and cleanings are essential to detecting cavities and gum disease before they get worse! Start the new year off right with a healthy smile!
  • Fluoride treatment can rebuild your teeth and reverse the damage caused by decay!
  • Fluoride is actually able to recalcify teeth and the new enamel is even stronger than before! We can even use a new fluoride varnish instead of the usual gel you’ll hardly notice it’s there!
  • Dental sealants are used to close up those deep grooves on the chewing surfaces of your molars. Plaque bacteria loves to hide back there and make trouble!

Use Your Benefits!

January first is the end of a dental benefits year for a lot of people! If you haven’t taken advantage of all the perks your dental insurance plan can offer then you should definitely call us today! A member of our helpful billing team will be glad to help you make use of the benefits you are owed!

Call Today Time’s Running Out!

The new year will be on us before you know it so don’t wait another day to make an appointment! Call The Waterford Dentist today at (248) 674-0495 or request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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