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Dental emergencies happen more often than most people expect or realize. Therefore, it’s important to know how to receive services for emergency dentistry in Waterford. Like all emergencies, critical dental conditions require proper and immediate treatment to avoid life-threatening outcomes. Our team of emergency dentists near you provides emergency dental service to those patients in need.

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

In general, a dental emergency is any situation that requires immediate treatment to stop uncontrolled oral bleeding, alleviate severe oral pain, address oral infection, or save a tooth. Some dental problems can wait until our dentists are able to see you during regular office hours. However, any excessive bleeding, pain, swelling, or fever due to oral health complications constitutes a dental emergency requiring urgent treatment with our professional dental care team.

Facing a dental emergency can be scary, especially if there is sudden tooth loss, severe bleeding, or trauma to the mouth or jaw. However, preparation is key to handling such critical situations. Therefore, it’s important to have the contact information for The Waterford Dentist among your other emergency numbers, so it is accessible and available if needed.

Ways to Prevent Dental Emergencies

Of course, there is no sure way to prevent dental emergencies. However, maintaining excellent oral hygiene habits and committing to regular exams with dentists are proactive measures to take. Patients need to receive routine check-ups so that any signs of oral health problems can be determined and treated promptly. In addition, patients must stay aware of their oral health condition and follow all instructions after any dental procedure to avoid an emergency.

For patients that play contact sports, wearing a mouthguard as protection can help prevent trauma and injury to the mouth. In addition, if a patient is at a higher risk for falling or other injuries, it’s advisable to ensure a safe physical environment to avoid dental and other emergencies.

Your oral health and safety are important. For more information about emergency dentistry, contact our team at The Waterford Dentist. Our emergency dentist in Waterford is here to provide effective and immediate treatment.

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