Fillings in Waterford, MI

One of the primary reasons people have professional dental examinations every six months is to determine if they have any tooth decay that has resulted in a cavity. If our dentists near you do find any cavities during your exam, they will recommend fillings in Waterford, MI to restore your teeth to health. At The Waterford Dentist, we consider your oral health a priority.

What Is a Cavity?

Cavities, known also as dental caries, are tiny holes that develop in teeth as a result of tooth decay. The surface layer of a tooth is called enamel, and it is the hardest substance in the body. However, enamel is subject to decay if there is a presence of bacteria that break down into acids. Bacteria form a substance called plaque on our teeth which, if not properly removed through daily oral hygiene, breaks down to erode the enamel and cause tiny penetrations.

If a tooth decays and forms a cavity, the decayed area must be removed and the vulnerable area that remains must be protected. If a cavity is left untreated, the tooth decay that caused it will continue to progress and create harm to other healthy areas in the tooth. This method of treating cavities is called a dental filling.

How Fillings Help

If our dentists in Waterford, MI detect a cavity, they will schedule you for an appointment to receive a filling. During the filling process, the part of the tooth that has decayed is removed. Once this procedure is performed, the remaining portion of the tooth requires a filling so that it is protected from further decay and other dental problems. However, it’s important that patients practice excellent oral hygiene habits each day in order to avoid tooth decay and the need for dental fillings.

The best way to avoid developing cavities that require fillings is to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth twice a day. In addition, it’s essential to maintain routine dental examinations and professional cleanings for optimal oral health. For more information about fillings near you, contact The Waterford Dentist. Our team will restore your teeth to health!

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