Is your home ready for a dental emergency?

Is your home ready for a dental emergency?

May 12, 2021

You could be outside playing sports, working around the house, or even walking back from the car on a winter day when a dental emergency could happen. Like any other accident in life you never expect it, but you can do everything in your power to be prepared when it does.

At The Waterford Dentist we’re always here to take care of you in a dental emergency. We’ll always do everything we can to see you the same day you call us relieving pain and helping you get back on your feet is what we do!

Be Ready For Anything

Despite the unexpected nature of emergencies there’s a lot you can do to help them go smoothly. Keeping a well-stocked emergency kit might be the most important one!

Immediate Treatment Needs

When an accident first happens you need to get things under control. These items will help you do that.

  • Rubber Gloves: Keep some non-latex ones around in case you have to help someone else. The last thing you need is an allergic reaction during an emergency!
  • Cotton Gauze Pads: Individually packaged sterile gauze pads are perfect for absorbing blood and wiping away dirt.
  • Alcohol Wipes: These can get rid of things that gauze can’t, so be sure to keep some around. It’s best to have the individually wrapped ones.
  • A Dental Mirror: You can’t always spot accidents easily, which is where a good dental mirror comes in. For added benefit get one with a built-in penlight, or keep an extra flashlight in your emergency kit. It’s dark in your mouth!
  • Salt: Mixing some salt and water makes a great antimicrobial rinse. It might sting a bit, but it definitely works! You can also place a knocked out tooth in it for preservation.

Injury Stabilization

You’ve located the injury now it’s time to get things under control. These items can clean, absorb, and plug up a variety of injuries.

  • Cotton Balls: Perfect for soaking up blood, cushioning an injury, or stopping bleeding with pressure. Keep them in a secure package so they stay clean.
  • Cotton Swabs: Good for cleaning small areas and applying topical ointments. For an added benefit keep them packaged with the cotton balls you don’t want dirty swabs!
  • Dental Floss: An emergency doesn’t need to be all blood and broken teeth. Sometimes it’s just something stuck between your teeth. If floss is in your kit you’ll always know where to find it.
  • Dental Wax: If you break an orthodontic wire, fracture a tooth, or have something else sharp in your mouth that could poke or cut you wax is the perfect treatment. It’s soft and pliable and easily sticks to things.
  • Temporary Filling Material: If you lose a filling this stuff can go a long way to protect your tooth. It goes right inside and plugs the hole, making it a great temporary fix.
  • Vaseline: Surprisingly, this stuff is great for reattaching a knocked-off crown. Fill the crown with Vaseline and stick it in place. It will form a suction seal that lasts plenty long enough!

Pain Relief

Our number one goal at The Waterford Dentist is to get you feeling better, but that doesn’t mean you can’t jump start the process!

  • Ibuprofen: Never keep aspirin in your first aid kit! It thins your blood, making it much harder to stop bleeding and form clots.
  • Cold Compress: Great for relieving swelling, inflammation, pain, and irritation. We recommend having some single-use instant cold packs in your kit. They’re better than trying to dig around the freezer!
  • Topical Anesthetic: Oragel and products like it are a great way to relieve gum pain. Just swab a bit on and you’ll feel better fast.

Don’t Forget Our Phone Number!

The last thing you should put in your dental first aid kit is our phone number. Having it conveniently on hand can save you a lot of stress and worry! As soon as you have things under control give us a call and we’ll do everything we can to get you in!

When it comes to preserving your smile every second counts. Don’t take chances with a dental emergency: be prepared and never forget to call us as soon as you can!

You can reach our Waterford office by calling (248) 674-0495. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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