Give your dentures something to hold on to

Give your dentures something to hold on to

May 15, 2021

Raise your hand if you love your dentures. Anybody? We didn’t think so!

It’s an old stereotype, but it’s true nonetheless: no one likes their dentures. They slip, fall out, and generally just embarrass you every chance they get. Sometimes it feels more like they are wearing you, doesn’t it?

At The Waterford Dentist we don’t think you should have to live like that. The denture years are also supposed to be your golden years, but it’s hard to enjoy life if every waking moment is spent making sure your teeth don’t fall out!

How Have Your Dentures Done You Wrong?

Everyone who wears dentures has at least one story of an embarrassing moment. Plenty of our patients have come to our Waterford office over the years with stories of the straw that broke the camel’s back. We understand their frustration, and we understand yours too.

Do They Slip Out Of Place?

Let’s face it: the idea that suction alone will keep your dentures in place isn’t true at all. Even the most precision-crafted dentures in the world won’t stay put throughout the day. Denture wearers everywhere experience difficulty doing everyday simple things like smiling and talking problems like that are nearly universal!

Smiling too wide is a sure way to end up with falling dentures, and even something as simple as a sneeze can catapult them into your lap. It’s all too common for people to constantly worry about these sorts of accidents, which creates a lot of mental exhaustion. Dentures can take their toll on you if you spend all day thinking about them!

Do You Eat Well?

Dietary problems are common for denture patients. Not only do they make the simple act of eating a difficult experience, but they also decrease your ability to taste anything. The roof of your mouth is an important part of your sense of taste you probably didn’t even realize it until you started wearing dentures!

The problem that this presents for patients is one of long term health: when eating becomes a chore many people simply start ignoring it. They eat only when necessary, and even then it’s just to fill their stomachs instead of getting nutrition.

Denture wearers have a statistically shorter life expectancy, and this is one of the major reasons why. Don’t simply suffer with this kind of unhappiness you don’t have to!

Dentures Causing Discomfort?

Wearing dentures can be uncomfortable. Your gums simply aren’t meant to put up with that kind of constant stress and pressure on a daily basis. Your natural teeth were anchored to the bone in your jaw, making all those forces much easier to distribute. When your teeth rest on your gums it’s a recipe for discomfort.

Redness, irritation, inflammation, and sensitivity are all a regular part of wearing dentures day after day. Many patients end up simply giving up on their dentures when they’re at home. That can take the pain away but it still doesn’t provide a solution!

How We Can Help

Your dentures need something to hold on to, and our Waterford office is the place to get it. Using a series of dental implants we can anchor your dentures in place so they stay right where you want them all day long. Implant supported dentures are an amazing upgrade to your current set, and we may even be able to modify your current dentures to fit!

Using implants topped with a series of balls or a metal bar, we’ll modify your dentures to include sockets or clasps. We’ll also remove the palate covering on your upper dentures how great is that?! When you wake up in the morning you’ll just pop them in place and be ready to meet the day hassle free.

You’ll be eating better, smiling bigger, and spending time thinking about other things besides your dentures. How could you pass up such an amazing upgrade?

Let Us Make Your Life Easier

There’s nothing more satisfying to us than hearing how big of a difference we’ve made in someone’s life. When you start wearing implant retained dentures you’ll be living life in a way you haven’t been able to do since you lost your teeth.

Make the first life-changing appointment at The Waterford Dentist today call (248) 674-0495! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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